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19 Dicembre 2017

TEATRO INDIA, Roma • Finali Premio Dante Cappelletti 2017

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WE ARE NOT PENELOPE - sulla fedeltà

Finalist 'Premio Dante Cappelletti 2017'


written and directed by  Joele Anastasi
with  Antonio L. Pedraza   Nuno Nolasco    Joele Anastasi

photo  Manuela Giusto
Production  Vuccirìa Teatro (Italy), Estigma (Spain)

In Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.

The big question about this work is: What’s fidelity?
  To get to the answer of this huge question, we centered our work in the myth of Penelope, Ulysses’ wife, that with her skin, her body, paid for about twenty years the price of this waiting, this fidelity, in a certain way that she ended a prisoner of her own sacrifice. Defined only by this, Penelope stops being a woman and a mother to become the uncomfortable presence of her absent husband.

   In WE ARE NOT PENELOPE – sulla fedeltà the body – the male body – of the three performers becomes the place where the femininity can unbutton, grounding from the archetype of theater it self – The Tragedy - to the performance art. 

  Knowing the body’s function as a ritual’s original element of ancestral sacrifice, we can reach some new auto determination possibilities, looking for a new life for the ancient myths.





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