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19-24 Febbraio 2019


Dal 7 al 9 Febbraio

FIRENZE, Teatro di Rifredi

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written and directed by  Joele Anastasi
with  Federica Carruba Toscano  Alessandro Lui  Enrico Sortino  Joele Anastasi  

Ivano Picciallo 

based on a idea by Federica Carruba Toscano

stage and costume designer  Giulio Villaggio 
light designer  
Martin Palma
original music "scurannu agghiurnannu"  Davide Paciolla
lyrics original music   Federica Carruba Toscano

assistant director  Nathalie Cariolle

ph.  Dalila Romeo
video and graphic designer Giuseppe Cardaci

assistant production  Nicole Calligaris

production  Fondazione Teatro di Napoli - Teatro Bellini
art direction  Vuccirìa Teatro

winner of Teatri del Sacro V


And They made me holy because I looked them in the eyes for the first time. Because I told them that they could weep with me, weep again and remain men. My name is love. I'am immaculate. Immaculate Conception."


Sicily, 1940. Concetta, silent and innocent girl, is bartered by her disgraced father with a pregnant goat and entrusted to Donna Anna, the Madam of the country's brothel. She, alien to any sensual pleasures and any "adult" conception of life, does not oppose any resistance. Soon the fame of the newcomer reaches the whole village, but nobody knows exactly what kind of pleasures they give to men to make them go crazy so much.


IMMACULATE CONCEPTION is the story of a Sicilian microcosm of silence, violence and presumption, but also of that authenticity of the island's carnality. Social roles leach between the four walls of a room, then solidify again, just out of there.



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