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21 Luglio 2019

TROPEA • Teatro D'Amare

30 agosto 2019

TRIESTE • Triestestate

Dal 12 al 17 Novembre 2019

ROMA • OFF / OFF Theatre

Dal 14 al 26 Gennaio 2020

MILANO • Teatro Franco Parenti

Dal 6 all'8 Marzo 2020

BOLOGNA • Teatro Arena Del Sole

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written and directed by  Joele Anastasi
with  Joele Anastasi, Enrico Sortino, Federica Carruba Toscano

costume designer  Giulio Villaggio
ph.  Dalila Romeo
video  Davide Maria Marucci
assistan director  
Nicole Calligaris

production  Fondazione Teatro di Napoli - Teatro Bellini
art direction  Vuccirìa Teatro

“I will hug him tight and I will say that I have to tell him very important things. I will tell him that I, for him, would have played even (the role of) the female, and that at the hospital they told me I had AIDS.”


A small Sicilian village, the late 80s. Here, two cousins grow up as if they were brother and sister struggling against the ancestral loneliness of a parentless family. They are vulnerable prey with nobody around to teach them to be aware or defend themselves. Behind closed doors hide a whole village who spy, judge but never live their own life. The two characters try to fight against their own destiny so that they can keep on dreaming: she to abandon that cradling but drowning island, and he to freely love another man. Just like in an Ancient Tragedy, there must be someone expiating somebody else’s sin: the young, pure boy is himself consumed by the shadow of HIV. He who has never done “nothing with nobody” is infected by love. While everybody cries for his forthcoming death, his love for life explodes and redeems the whole village.












Best Show




Best Show

Best drama to Joele Anastasi

Best Actor to Enrico Sortino



STAZIONI D'EMERGENZA V • Galleria Toledo, Napoli
Best Show



FESTIVAL DIRECTION UNDER 30 • Teatro Sociale, Gualtieri

Critics' Prize

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