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workshop + performance


written and directed  Joele Anastasi
with  Renato Vinciguerra (contr'alto), Enrico Sortino.

musics   Cavalli, Giacomelli, Hendel, Ezio Bosso

and with   
Francesco Bernava, Alice Ferlito, Elisa Gallucci, Nicolò Giacalone, Martina Giuliani, Rossella Guarneri, Victoria Mariani, Lelio Naccari, Federico Raffaelli, Mirko Russo, Sebastiano Sicurezza, Azzurra Sottosanti.

costumes designer  Giulio Villaggio  Joele Anastasi
light designer Segolene Le Contellec
ph.  fotOpera
video  Francesco Di Mauro

assistant director  Enrico Sortino

management  Nicole Calligaris
production  Vuccirìa Teatro


This project stems as a site-specific theatre which relates transgender philosopher Preciado’s “Testo Junkie” to some works of art by painter Agostino Arrivabene and historical documents from old mental asylums. These, especially the latter, led us to the creation of this drama.
The growth of the individual, personal identity has been strictly controlled by governments starting from the foundation of the Eugenic Theories during the 1900s which also imposed a “hormonal” revolution based on the modern, occidental heterosexual system belonging to the second half of the century.
The application of the aforementioned theories has been – consciously or perhaps not – introduced inside of the most elementary and apparently inviolable, sacred form of private ownership: the body.


In October 2016, Vucciría Teatro started its first step towards this show when the “Museo della Follia” exhibition stopped in the beautiful “Castello Ursino” monument in Catania, Italy.
The working group got together during a workshop that we, Vucciría Teatro, did via a public announcement in which many artists from several regions of Italy – and even France – have enthusiastically participated.
The work of the actors has been supported by live performances of Cavalli and Giacomelli Hendel’s arias played by countertenor Renato Vinciguerra. Furthermore, we are planning to be working with the “Museo della Follia” team with the purpose of integrating our performance into the exhibition. So we will continue with an other rehearsal period before this summer to complete the work. This way we can make it a permanent fixture in all the places that Museo della Follia will visit throughout its tour.


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